Fall Arrest Systems

Permanent fall arrest systems are the perfect solution for all high level maintenance tasks to be carried out safely. Fall arrest systems come in a variety of styles depending on the nature and location it is to be installed. All of our systems can be installed to any structure regardless of size or shape by our team of highly qualified technicians.

Eyebolt installation and testing

We are pleased to offer specialist installation and testing for all types of eyebolts. Our eyebolts can be installed into a wide variety of surfaces to provide a safe point of anchorage for fall arrest or work restraint purposes. Our team of highly trained operatives are capable of testing all types of eyebolts in any situation. All inspection, testing and certification of fall protection systems is carried out in accordance with current legislation; BS EN 795, BS EN 365, BS EN 7883, BS EN 13374
• Fall arrest eyebolts need to be tested annually.
• Work positioning eyebolts need to be tested at least every six months.
• Cable based fall arrest / fall restraint systems need to be tested annually.
All eyebolts installed and/or tested by Earth Tech will be tagged and a certificate of conformance will be issued.

Cable systems

This is designed on a tensioned stainless steel cable, which the user connects to using a sophisticated fall arrest device, in the event of a fall the device will lock off and prevent the shortest possible drop whilst minimizing the forces applied to the body.



Fall Arrest Anchor Devices

Fall arrest anchor devices can be supplied as fixed or removable. The removable anchor has a permanently fixed socket that is concealed by a flush fitting cover. Therefore the eyebolt can be used as and when it is needed. The advantage of this is that it offers a visually unobstructive solution where this is a concern e.g. a listed building.